Which resource management task includes activating local resource requirements, if available?

A) Order and Acquire
B) Mobilize
C) Track and Report
D) Reimburse and Restock

Answer: The right answer is option B) Mobilize.


The resource management task that includes activating local resource requirements, if available, is “Mobilize.” Mobilizing resources involves the process of making resources available for deployment and utilization in response to an incident or emergency.

When activating local resource requirements, the focus is on utilizing resources that are already present within the local area. This may include local emergency responders, organizations, facilities, equipment, and personnel who can be mobilized to support the incident response efforts.

Mobilization involves the identification, coordination, and deployment of resources based on the needs and requirements of the incident. It ensures that the necessary resources are promptly and effectively put into action to address the incident or emergency situation.

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