What does “The Origin of the Robin” suggest about Ojibwa views of the parent-child relationship?

A. It suggests that children were encouraged to disagree with parents if necessary.
B. It suggests that parents’ words were held in very high regard.
C. It suggests that parents were encouraged to allow their children liberty.
D. It suggests that parents preferred that their children be independent.

Answer:- “It suggests that parents’ words were held in very high regard” – is the most appropriate answer to the question.


“The Origin of the Robin” is a traditional Ojibwa story that explains how the robin bird got its red breast. The story suggests that Ojibwa views of the parent-child relationship emphasize the importance of obedience and respect towards parents.

In the story, the young robin disobeys its mother and does not listen to her warnings about the dangers of the world. As a result, the robin falls into a fire and its breast becomes red from the flames. When the mother sees her child’s pain and injury, she takes care of it and provides it with the warmth and comfort it needs to heal.

The story highlights the Ojibwa belief that parents’ words are important and that children should listen to them to avoid harm. It also shows the parents’ responsibility to care for and protect their children when they make mistakes.

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