Expansion of the ICS modular organization is the responsibility of the

A. Operations Section Chief

B. Logistics Section Chief

C. Agency Administrator

D. Incident Commander

Answer: The expansion of the Incident Command System (ICS) modular organization is the responsibility of the Incident Commander.


The Incident Commander is the individual in charge of managing the overall response to an incident. They have the authority and responsibility to establish and adjust the ICS structure as needed. When the complexity or scope of the incident increases, the Incident Commander may determine that additional functional sections or units are necessary to effectively manage the response.

While other positions within the ICS, such as the Operations Section Chief and Logistics Section Chief, play important roles in their respective areas, they do not have the authority to unilaterally expand the ICS modular organization. They work under the direction and guidance of the Incident Commander and assist in implementing the response plan within their assigned areas.

The Agency Administrator, on the other hand, typically represents the agency or organization that has jurisdiction or primary responsibility for the incident. They provide support and resources to the Incident Commander but do not have the direct responsibility for expanding the ICS modular organization.

Therefore, the responsibility for the expansion of the ICS modular organization rests with the Incident Commander. They assess the needs of the incident and make decisions regarding the establishment of additional sections or units to ensure an effective and coordinated response.

Incident CommanderOverall authority and responsibility to conduct all incident management activities
Logistics Section ChiefResponsible for all service support requirements
Operations Section ChiefResponsible for all tactical operations
Agency AdministratorOversees the incident command, ensuring that the structure and processes are in place to manage the incident

Remember that, in order to manage the workload, the Incident Commander may create extra jobs in the ICS organization or delegate responsibility to others.

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